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EASYSeal SSP is designed to penetrate, seal & protect natural stone & concrete paving.

Virtually invisible once applied, it allows the stone to “breathe” whilst protecting paving from all manner of substances, such as cooking & engine oils, grease & fat, food, ketchup, mustard & beverages such as tea, coffee & wine. Ideal for protecting your paving against the excesses of the summer BBQ!

Suitable for internal as well as external use, EASYSeal SSP is water-based, thereby making it highly environmentally friendly.
Size:  5 L
High absorbency honed natural stone: 40 m2
Medium absorbency honed natural stone: 40 m2
Polished stone: 40 m2
Polished porcelain: N/A
Porcelain and Ceramic tiles and paving: N/A
Finish (edge): N/A
Finish: N/A
Where can I uses this product? : Stone, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, highly absorbent stone
Available: Stock Item
Country of origins: N/A
Tolerance: N/A
Frost resistant: N/A
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