How to use Mushroom Compost in your Garden

Prepare the Soil
  • Ensure the soil is well-draining and has good aeration.
Test the pH
  • Check the pH of your soil. Mushroom compost is often slightly alkaline, so it’s essential to monitor and adjust pH if necessary.
Incorporate into Existing Soil
  • Mix the mushroom compost thoroughly with your existing soil. Aim for an even distribution.
Amend Garden Beds
  • Spread a layer of mushroom compost over garden beds, typically around 2 to 4 inches deep.
  • Use mushroom compost as a mulch around plants. This helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and gradually releases nutrients.
Vegetable Gardens
  • Mix mushroom compost into

How to Install a Sleeper Border

Gather Materials
  • Acquire timber sleepers suitable for outdoor use you can use any type of sleeper but our 100x200x2400 sleepers are most common for this kind of project.
  • Purchase galvanized screws or bolts for securing the sleepers. The best product to use is our structural timber bolts these are perfect for building a secure planter.
Mark the Border
  • Use stakes and string to outline the border where the sleepers will be installed.
Prepare the Ground
  • Clear the area of any debris, rocks, or vegetation.
  • Level the ground to ensure a stable foundation.
Install the First Layer
  • Place the first

How to Install Artificial Grass

Prepare the Area
  • Clear the existing grass, weeds, or debris.
  • Level the ground and ensure proper drainage.
Install Edging
  • Clear the existing grass, weeds, or debris.
Add a Base
  • Install 50/100mm type 1 MOT and compact using a vibrating compactor plate. Apply a layer of grit sand or granite dust as a final layer before installing the grass, this will help you achieve flat level surface.
Compact the Base
  • Compact the base using a vibrating plate compactor for a firm surface.
Lay Geotextile Membrane
  • Place a geotextile membrane to prevent weed growth.
Roll Out the Artificial Grass
  • Unroll the artificial grass and allow
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