How to install a new Scott’s premium turf lawn

  1. Soil Preparation:
    • Clear the area of debris, rocks, and existing vegetation.
    • Grade the soil to ensure proper drainage.
  1. Soil Amendments:
    • Test the soil and amend it as needed with organic matter to improve fertility and structure.
  1. Install Edging:
    • Install edging to define the lawn area and prevent encroachment from adjacent areas.
  1. Level and Roll:
    • Level the soil and use a roller to create a smooth surface for turf installation.
  1. Irrigation System:
    • If possible, install or check your irrigation system to ensure even water distribution.
  1. Order Turf:
    • Order your Scott’s premium turf, just give our team a call today to get yours booked in. Just remember 1 roll of turf equals to 1m2.
  1. Turf Installation:
    • Lay the turf pieces in a staggered brick-like pattern, ensuring tight seams between them.
    • Press down on the edges to eliminate air pockets and ensure good soil contact.
  1. Watering:
    • Immediately water the newly installed turf thoroughly.
    • Water regularly in the following weeks to keep the turf consistently moist.
  1. Mowing:
    • Wait until the turf has rooted (usually in a couple of weeks) before mowing.
    • Set your mower to the recommended height for your turf variety.
  1. Fertilize:
    • Apply a balanced fertilizer after the first mowing to encourage healthy growth.
  1. Maintenance:
    • Follow a regular maintenance schedule, including watering, fertilizing, and pest control.

Remember to follow any specific guidelines provided by the turf supplier and adjust these steps based on your local climate and conditions. If you have more spec