Scouring Pads for use with the Macchia Cleaning Machine

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Our scouring pads are used with our Macchia high-speed cleaning machine and are designed to remove years of built-up dirt. We have different pads to work on various surface types alongside our range of TT Paving Solutions.
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Where can I uses this product? : stone and tiles, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, highly absorbent stone, ceramics, and porcelain
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  These scouring pads are lightweight and can easily be cleaned, providing longlasting performance on porcelain, natural stone, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, ceramic, slate, quarry tiles, unpolished stone, masonry, and cementitious products. Effectively cleans both tiles and grout. The pads are available with light, medium and heavy duty scrubbing action that provides a deeper clean than normal floor pads, without causing any damage to the surface.     Technical Data Sheet Cleaning chart   solutions data sheet
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