EASYSeal Ultimate 5 L

3 L

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Ultimate sandstone sealer is a superior sealer, tough & long lasting protection. Ultimate sandstone sealer is an advanced sollutuion containing no silicones or acrylics and probably dellivers the best protection available for natural stone from any water based sealer. The superioe=r performance is achieved by the combination of dirt defence and the latest generation fluorinated telemere technology. Suitable for internal and external use. Including polished & sensitive materials such as granite & marble. When using on less porus stone such as stone or limestone some enhancement may occur.
Size:  3 L
High absorbency honed natural stone: 18 m2
Medium absorbency honed natural stone: 18 m2
Polished stone: 18 m2
Polished porcelain: N/A
Porcelain and Ceramic tiles and paving: N/A
Finish (edge): N/A
Finish: N/A
Where can I uses this product? : Stone, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, highly absorbent stone
Available: Stock Item
Country of origins: N/A
Tolerance: N/A
Frost resistant: N/A
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