Rustic Patina Steel Troughs (With Free Delivery)

All our planters are made to order, once the order is placed we work on 3-4 week lead time for delivery

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Our Patina Steel Troughs are prefect for most outdoor spaces. Its warm rusty look gives a great feel and can really enhance your outdoor spaces. Rustic Patina steel is a more economical alternative to Corten steel, The look of Corten and Rustic Patina steel when rusted is very similar. It would need a keen eye to tell the difference. Rustic Patina steel will corrode quicker than Corten steel, but still at a very slow pace.

All our planters are made to order, once the order is placed we work on 3-4 week lead time for delivery

Here is just some key points on our Corten steel planters

– Made from 2mm steel

– Hidden 15mm feet to give the appearance of the planter floating above the ground and improved drainage

– Doubled over top edge detail: 50mm top edge, 20mm return edge

– Base with holes for drainage – can make bottomless on request

– Unparalleled corner detailed finish,

– Planters can be delivered in any stage of the patina/ rusting process. However, to guarantee the planter arrived with a full patina was can provide a service for this Suitable for domestic, commercial, indoor and outdoor use,

– No maintenance/ painting etc once planted and in situ

– Due to the natural weathering process as the natural patina develops, the “run off” from rainwater and watering may stain the surface the planter is placed upon. This a higher risk during the 1st 12 months of the weathering process. However can still be a risk afterwards. We recommend you place the planter on a barrier such as a flag stone or similar to reduce the risk of staining the surface. Sealers are also available to reduce the risk of run off once the product has fully rusted
Design and Fabrication process:
  • We laser cut the steel to ensure our design is precisely and consistently replicated for each item,
  • Use CAD technology to fold the sheet steel to form the sides of the planter,
  • Fabricate the planter using high quality materials and processes
  • Add additional supports/ strengthening ribs to ensure the planter stays in the same shape as it arrived
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