Pro Prime Slurry Primer


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UltraScape pro-prime slurry primer is used to provide an exceptional bond between your paving element and UltraScape bedding mortar, and can also be used to promote bond between your roadbase and bedding mortar layer. Traditionally paving elements would be laid directly onto the bedding mortar, which with general wear and tear and increasing traffic load bearing, could result in costly and high profile failures. UltraScape pro-prime helps to eliminate this.
Size: 20KG
Brand: Instermac
Colour: Grey
Pack coverage: Covers up tp 15-20 M2
Powder Form: Yes
Material: Powder
Finish: Smooth
Drying Time: 1 Hour Pot Life
Use: Priming slurry for all types pf external paving inc porcelain
Available: Stock Item
Country of origins: N/A
Tolerance: N/A
Frost resistant: Yes
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