Fuga-pave part B 20 KG Primer


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FUGA-PAVE ABC is a complete system formulated for landscaping professionals and is ideal for use when installing porcelain, natural stone, cementitious flags, cobbles, or in fact any external installation. The products are also suitable for hardscapes, including heavily trafficked areas. FUGA-PAVE ABC is very simple to use. Just mix Part A (hybrid mortar cement) with suitable clean grit sand and water. Part B (slurry primer) and Part C (hybrid grout) are each mixed with clean water. No other additives are required. This complete system offers various cost and installation benefits, beating the traditional system.
Size: 20kg bags
Thickness: N/A
Colour: Grey
Pack coverage: Please see quantity calculator
Number of pieces per pack: N/A
Material: Powder form Slury Primer
Finish (edge): N/A
Finish: N/A
Use: Interior/Exterior
Available: N/A
Country of origins: N/A
Tolerance: N/A
Frost resistant: Yes
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