Washed Grit Sand

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Grit sand also known as sharp sand is a key ingredient for most building and landscaping projects. Our Grit sand is screened to around 10 mm. Grit sand is generally used for laying paving in the landscaping industry mixed with cement at a ratio of around 1 part cement to 4-5 parts grit sand depending on the application. We offer 20 tone loose loads for those larger projects/building sites.
Material: Grit
Size: 5MM to dust
Uses: Driveways/Patios/Morter mixes/ Block paving
Colour: N/A
Available in: Bulk bags, half bulk bags, mini bags, 20 tonne loose loads 
Local delivery: Hiab truck
Nationwide delivery: Palletized (crane hiab not available)
Bulk bags: Approx  900 kg
Half bulk bag: N/A
20 tonne loose; Approx 20 tonne loose
Mini bags: Approx 25 kg
Country of origin: UK
Contact number: 0161 241 2788
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