RV175mm Spare Parts for Vacuum Cup

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The Raimondi RV175 vacuum suction creates a tight grip, even on textured materials. It is suitable for loads up to 130kgs and the vacuum gauge ensures the operator can easily see when the vacuum needs to be replenished. Comes in a strong carry case and spare parts are available to keep it in tip-top.
The Raimondi RV175mm vacuum suction cup creates a tight grip, even on textured materials.  It will work on non-porous stone as well as porcelain and composite materials.
  • The maximum load capacity is a whopping 130kgs
  • The vacuum gauge allows constant monitoring of the suction, informing the operator when to restore the suction
  • The Stain-free rubber cup can be easily removed and replaced when worn
  • The RV175 is equipped with a strong carry case to protect it when in transit
  • The vacuum gauge is protected and is easily replaced if it gets damaged
  • High-performance vacuum valve resistant to corrosion
  • Use two cups for larger tiles
  • Cup is a large 175mm diameter
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