PAS 100 Compost

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Our PAS 100 compost is locally produced and is a key ingredient to most landscaping/garden projects. Our PAS 100 compost is packed full of nutrients so its perfect for topping up and dressing your beds and borders.

Here are just a handful of the benefits of using PAS 100 composts in your garden.

-Fully organic soil improver

-Increases the level of nutrients in your soil

-Perfect for mulching roses

-Contains no pests or pathogens

Where can I use PAS 100 compost?

-top dressing

-soil improver


-Enhanced plant growth

-a weed suppressant

-planting beds and borders
Material: PASS 100 compost
Size: 10mm to dust
Uses: Planting and Mulching
Colour: N/A
Available in: Bulk bags, half bulk bags, mini bags, 20 tonne loose loads 
Local delivery: Hiab truck
Nationwide delivery: Palletized (crane hiab not available)
Bulk bags: Approx  900 kg
Half bulk bag: Approx 450 kg
20 tonne loose: Approx 20 tonne loose
Mini bags: 25 kg
Country of origin: UK
Contact number: 0161 241 2788
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