OX Waterproof Thermal Latex Glove Size 9 (L)

9 (L)

£6.69 (Inc. VAT)

THERMAL GRIP GLOVES: The OX Thermal Latex Work Gloves are designed to provide added comfort and warmth in cold conditions COMPLETE WATER RESISTANCE: The OX Waterproof Thermal Latex Hand Gloves are fully dipped, to guarantee resistance and protection from water, oil and grease based applications. ANTI-SLIP SANDY COATING: The Thermal Latex Gloves are coated with Anti Slip Coating which offers superior grip and flexibility, to increase work efficiency. CONFORMS TO EN 388: The Thermal Latex Gloves are EN 388 tested to ensure significant resistance against cuts, punctures, and abrasion. QUALITY YOU CAN RELY UPON: The Thermal Latex Work Gloves are engineered with high quality materials and tested for optimum performance, to ensure your work onsite is effective and efficient.
Size: 9 (L)
Size: N/A
Colour: Blue/Orange
Handle: N/A
Number of pieces per pack: 1 Pair
Material: Thermal Latex
finish: N/A
Finish: N/A
Uses: General purpose thermal gloves.
Availability stock item
Weight: 0.2KG
Packaging: N/A
Frost resistant: yes
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