Gold coast gravel 20mm

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Gold coast gravel is one of our most popular decorative gravels. Its is predominantly golden color with some dark and white tones mixed throughout. our range of 20mm gravels are most commonly used for driveways as they don’t get stuck in the treads of the tires. Its also used for garden pathways, borders and around water features/ponds. This gravel is definitely the right choice if your looking to brighten up your garden.
A full bulk bag will cover approximately 10-12m² at a depth of 50mm.  A half bulk bag will cover approximately 5-6m² at a depth of 50mm. You’ll need approximately three 25kg mini bags to cover 1m² at a depth of 50mm
Material: Flint
Size: 20MM 
Uses: Pathways/driveways/borders
Colour: Golden
Available in: Bulk bags, half bulk bags, mini bags, 20 tonne loose loads 
Local delivery: Hiab truck
Nationwide delivery: Palletised (crane hiab not available)
Bulk bags: Approx  900 kg
Half bulk bag: Approx 450 kg
20 tonne loose: Approx 20 tonne loose
Mini bags: 25 kg
Country of origin: UK
Contact number: 0161 241 2788
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