Ungraded Rough Sawn Timber

Ungraded rough-sawn timber refers to lumber that has not undergone a grading process and is in its rough-sawn state. It is typically produced by sawmills directly from logs without further processing or sorting based on quality or appearance.

Rough-sawn timber is characterized by its rough surface, with saw marks and irregularities left by the sawing process. The edges may also be uneven or irregular. This type of timber is often used for applications where a smooth or finished appearance is not necessary, such as in construction, fencing, and agricultural projects.

Ungraded rough-sawn timber can offer certain advantages:

Cost-Effective: Rough-sawn timber is generally less expensive compared to graded and finished lumber since it has not undergone additional processing or sorting.

Natural and Rustic Look: The rough surface and texture of the timber can provide a natural and rustic appearance, which may be desirable for certain projects, such as outdoor structures or decorative elements.

Customizable: Rough-sawn timber allows for flexibility and customization. It can be further shaped, planed, or trimmed to meet specific project requirements or desired dimensions.

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