ACO Threshold Drain Closing End Cap

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ACO Threshold drain caps are used to cap off the end of the drain.
ACO Threshold channel drain is designed for use in domestic properties to eliminate any water from pooling at external doors. The threshold is only 60mm wide and sits flush to the door for maximum discretion, allowing water to be drained away quickly and efficiently. Whilst ACO Threshold channel drain has been built with long-life and durability in mind, a choice of built-in silver or black Heelguard grates offers aesthetic design too.
This ACO Threshold channel drain comes with an attached silver aluminum grate with a Heelguard design. Heel guard design means that high heels can’t become lodged in the grate as the slits are too narrow, reducing the risk of injury to people entering and exiting the property or damage to the channel drain grate. The extruded plastic base of the ACO Threshold channel drain only bolsters the security of the drain once the system has been bedded in concrete.
ACO Threshold channel drain can be connected, thanks to 80mm diameter outlets, to domestic soakaways and accessories like a drain connector, 80mm bottom outlet, and closing end cap complete the drain system.
Size: 57×100 mm
suitable for: Use with ACO threshold drains
Colour: Grey
Pack coverage: N/N
Number of pieces per pack: Sold individually
Material: plastic
Finish (edge): N/A
Finish: N/A
Use: Exterior
Load rating: A15
Country of origins: Made in the uk
Tolerance: N/A
Frost resistant: Yes
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